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Features and Benefits


Ductile Iron is a very strong material when compared to cast iron and comparable to cast steel. Ductile Iron has a higher yield strength than cast steel 40K vs. 30K. The strength of Ductile Iron when compared to cast iron is overwhelming. Ductile Iron tensile strength is 60K vs Cast Iron at 31K. Ductile Iron has yield strength of 40K and cast iron has none.

Corrosion Resistance

Ductile Iron has a corrosion and oxidation resistance in most cases that surpasses cast steel and is slightly better than cast iron. Oxide penetration can severely affect the strength and performance of valves.

Low Transition Temps

Ferrous metals are subject to brittle fractures with severe temperature changes. The chemical composition of NIBCO's Ductile Iron provides transition temperatures to -20oF. This property is important if physical shock loading is present in cold weather applications.

Cost Effective

These unique characteristics make Ductile Iron a cost-effective option for 150 psi steam service as well as hydrocarbon processing up to 650°F/343°C.