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Steam Service

Ductile Iron gate, globe and check valves are excellent choices for 150 psi steam service. Available with ASTM B 584 bronze trim and CF8M SS trim.

Hydrocarbon Service

Ductile Iron is an acceptable substitute for cast steel in a wide range of processing services

both on the production and refining side up to 650oF/343oC.

General Service

Ductile Iron can substitute for standard Class 125 cast iron where there may be concerns with potential stresses and a stronger material is desired, i.e. in situations of unusual pipe movement due to the system or external forces, such as cold weather, earthquakes, etc.

Can substitute for Class 250 cast iron for intermediate pressure services using Class 150 flanges up to 285 psi wwp. (Should save on valve and flange costs.)

Ductile Iron is a good choice for general service, fire protection and Hi-rise applications.

Has a higher application temperature than Teflon® seated flanged ball valves.

Marine Service

For shipboard application and tanker piping, many marine agencies recommend the use of Ductile Iron Valves because of its resistance to shock, vibration and superior corrosion-resistant properties.

Approved by DOT and Certificate of Approval from Lloyds Register of Shipping.

ABS approval available, consult factory.