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Safety back-flow valve

Model: AH42F
Diameter:DN 40~150 / 25~150mm
Medium: Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) etc.
Pressure: 1.6~4MPa
Applicable Temperature: -40~80°C
Body Materials: Cast steel etc.
Applicable Industry: Urban Construction,Chemical,metallurgy,Oil,Pharmaceutical,Food,Beverage,Environmental protection

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Safety back-flow valve Characteristic use

The valve is to be used in liquid reflux pipelines in the liquefied petroleum gas pump outlet with operation temperature of –40~+80℃. It is used for the safe reflux of over-pressure medium. When the pump front pressure exceeds regulated value, the valve will open automatically and reflux to the tank so as to ensure the safe operation of equipments and pipelines.

AH42F-16/25/40C Safety back-flow valve
AH42F-P18 Safety back-flow valve

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