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GA49H Impulse safety valve

Model: GA49H
Diameter: DN 20 mm
Medium: Water etc.
Applicable Temperature: ≤540°C
Body Materials: Stainless steel etc.
Applicable Industry: Urban Construction,Chemical,metallurgy,Oil,Pharmaceutical,Food,Beverage,Environmental protection

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GA49H Impulse safety valve Characteristic use

This valve is used for power plant boilers, pressure containers, pressure and temperature reducing device and other facilities. It serves to prevent the pressure exceeding the highest allowable pres-sure value and ensure the safety of the device when working.

Structure briefing
1、The pressure of disc is balanced through the lever and heavy hammer and the valve is ensured seal by moving the position of heavy hammer and changing the weight of heavy hammer to reach the required set pressure.
2、The sealed surface is made of Fe base stainless steel by over-laying welding. Through thermal treatment, the hardness of disc is improved.
3、At the top of valve is equipped an electromagnet to open and another to close the valve. The actions of the mechanism and the electric appliance are separate and will not affect each other.                            
Installation instruction
1、This valve shall be used with main safety valve A69Y-Pw5410V, DN150 together.
2、Impulse safety valve shall be installed vertically and the lever shall be level. The pipeline shall be washed clean.
3、A long distance between the leading pipe of the impulse safety valve and the inlet pipe of the main safety valve shall be kept. And the distance between the electric contact pressure meter and the inlet pipe of the main safety valve shall be no less than 5 times of the diameter of the inlet pipe, for feat that the validity of the meter and the impulse safety valve may be affected by the steam releasing process of the main safety valve.
4、The valve and the electromagnets shall be placed together on a special gallows. The juncture of the valve and the electromagnet-nets shall be flexible, with no phenomenon of seizure.

GA49H-DN20 Impulse safety valve
GA49H-DN20 structure drawing

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