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A69Y Main safety valve

Model: A69Y
Diameter: DN 150 mm
Medium: Steam, Water etc.
Pressure: ≤10MPa
Applicable Temperature: ≤540°C
Body Materials: Stainless steel etc.
Applicable Industry: Urban Construction,Chemical,metallurgy,Oil,Pharmaceutical,Food,Beverage,Environmental protection

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A69Y Main safety valve Characteristic use

This device is used for power plant boilers with steam conditions as: P=10Mpa; t=540℃. Its main function is to avoid the medium pressure inside the boiler exceeding the allowable value to ensure that the boiler run safely.


Structure briefing & Installation instruction

  • 1、The structure of the valve is of double exhaust and both of its ends are connected with flange. It is mainly consisted of body, connecting pipe, cushion container, piston chamber, disc, valve stem and other parts.
  • 2、When the medium pressure rises to the set pressure, the impulse safety valve opens, and the medium in the impulse pipe tars into the piston chamber of the main safety valve from impulse pipe, forcing the piston to descend, and then the valve automatically opens; When the impulse safety valve closes, the disc will also automatically close.
  • The sealed surface is made of hard alloy of cobalt by overlaying welding. Through thermal treatment, the hardness of disc is improved.
  • The main safety valve shall be installed vertically at the highest position of the equipment.
  • The main safety valve shall be fastened upon the support, which sustains the counterforce produced in the steam discharging process of the main safety valve.
  • The exhaust pipe shall contain a special gallows to prevent the force of its weight directly applying on the main safety valve. The con-nesting Lange between the main safety valve and exhaust pipe shall eliminate any extra stress.
  • At the lowest point of the exhaust pipe, water drainage shall be taken into consideration to avoid producing water hammer while discharging steam.
A69Y -DN150 Main safety valve
A69Y -DN150 structure drawing

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