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Pressure reducing valve

Model: 200P ;
Diameter: DN 15~50 mm
Medium: Water, steam etc.
Pressure:1.0MPa, 1.6MPa
Applicable Temperature: ≤80°C
Body Materials: Albronze
Applicable Industry: water supply, fire-fighting or other pure water system

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Pressure reducing valve Characteristic use

200P Pressure Reducing Valve is a directly acting adjusting pressure reducing valve, which uses the membrane hydraulic operation and can be mounted vertically or horizontally in the water supply, fire-fighting or other pure water system. The outlet pressure can be controlled at a relatively stable value within a certain range. It is inner-thread connected, features by the exquisite shape, easy installation etc. and is equipped with a built-in filter screen to make it mounted and operated integrally, without being blocked up with foreign matters, And it is safer and more reliable.

Pressure reducing valve
Pressure reducing valve
Pressure reducing valve GAD plans
Pressure reducing valve structure drawing