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Multiport Ball Valve can offer multiple flow paths

December 12, 2007 - Offered in sizes from ½-2 in., 3-way Type 23 Multiport ball valve is available with Cross Port Ball. Molded flow corridor inside ball cavity allows for separate L-port flow pattern in valve that also has Straight Through flow pattern. Able to be configured to allow for L-Port, T-Port, and Straight Through flow patterns in one valve body, design lets operators switch between all 3 options by rotating valve handle.

Unique Cross Port Ball Configuration Allows for Variety of Flow Patterns

Asahi/America, Inc. has developed a unique ball configuration for the 3-way Type 23 Multiport ball valves known as the Cross Port Ball. The Cross port ball features a molded flow corridor inside the ball cavity which allows for separate L-port flow pattern in a valve which also has a "Straight Through" flow pattern. The Cross port ball is available for all material Type 23 Multiport ball valves sizes ½" - 2". The cross port ball can be configured to allow for the following flow patterns within 1 valve body design: L-port flow pattern - This pattern is the standard pattern where typically flow comes in through the bottom port and diverts out either the left port or right port of the valve. T-port flow pattern - This pattern allows for a mixing of all 3-ports of the valve, where typically 2-ports are used as inlets with 1 common outlet. Straight Through Flow - This pattern is unique to the Cross Port design where flow is allowed to pass through the "run" of the 3-way valve Isolating and shutting off the bottom port. This pattern is typical in applications where when the process is in run mode, the flow is straight through, when the process is in backwash mode for the filters, the handle can be rotated to an L-port flow pattern to accommodate that requirement. Previously the only way these flow patterns could be achieved was with 2 valves working in tandem with one another. By rotating the valve handle, we can accommodate all 3 flow patterns within a single valve body design. The Cross Port ball, installed in Type 23 Multiport ball valves, may also be automated using electric or pneumatic operators.