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Humphrey 125 and 250 Series Air Piloted Valves are Simple and Reliable

Humphrey 125 and 250 Series air piloted valves are simple, reliable 2-position valves using a pressure operated spring and pressure return. The valves are available in 2-way and 3-way configurations. The 125 Series valves feature high flow rates up to 27.5 scfm at 125 psig and the 250 Series valves offer flow rates up to 75 scfm. Both valves feature a short stroke for fast cycling times up to 600 cpm. The 250 Series valve is also available in a 4-way, 5-port configuration with common supply and exhaust ports. This valve may be ordered with an internal compensating orifice that maintains actuated position after the momentary pilot signal, and maintains a "trapped" pilot reserve to compensate for minor leaks. This feature speeds up both the opening and closing response time.

The 125 and 250 Series valves are small, lightweight and have a double diaphragm poppet that requires no lubrication. The valves have no sliding seals subject to cuts, metal seals subject to scratches, or O-rings subject to damage or replacement. This makes them ideal for use with contaminated media and are unaffected by compressor varnish. The valves are available with a number of options including mounting bases, 316 stainless steel construction, bottom inlet for N/C models, and fluoroelastomer diaphragms for resistance to mild chemicals and to withstand sustained temperatures to 400° and intermittent temperatures to 600°.