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Instruction for ZY Series Electric Actuator       Design and Features

ZY series electric actuator are designed for on-off service or intermediate position control by switching power source or by external contact signals and/or by input signals of 4-20mA from a controller or computer. ZY series electric actuator offer compact and light weight but high output and durable valve/damper operation for various industrial applications. This actuator is rotary type with following features:
Compact, low-profile, and light weight-applicable in narrower/tight spaces Slide entry Terminal Block compartment/ conduit for easy installation
Simple design / rugged structure for high durability
Motor thermal protector and optional torque limiter protect motor from burnout in the event of valve/damper overload
Position indicator & manual override (detachable crank handle)
Final reduction worm gear-self-locking/no back driven from valve, no motor brake required, holding braking torque without power supply, suitable for any kind of rotary valves including butterfly valves
Water tight housing:IP-65
Third party certification:
-CQC issued by china quality certification center
-MA test report issued by shanghai inspection and testing institute of instruments and Automatic systems
-CE issued by SGS-CSTC

Outline Dimension


Motorized Valve Actuators


Motorized Valve Actuators


Motorized Valve Actuators


Motorized Valve Actuators


Motorized Valve Actuators
Switch type (standard) line drawing
Motorized Valve Actuators
Passive contact type (S) line drawing
Motorized Valve Actuators
Opening signal type (R) line drawing
Motorized Valve Actuators
AC 380V standard type line drawing
Motorized Valve Actuators
AC 380V passive contact type (S) line drawing
Motorized Valve Actuators
AC 380V opening signal type (R) line drawing
Motorized Valve Actuators
The wiring drawing of product with hot-malfunction signal
Motorized Valve Actuators
DC line drawing


Model ZY-5 ZY-10 ZY-20 ZY-40 ZY-50 ZY-60 ZY-100 ZY-200
Motor 10W/F 23W/F 40W/F 80W/F 90W/F 90W/F 100W/F 100W/F
Output Torque 50
Operation Speed 20-30s 30s 30-60s 30s 30 60s 50s 100s
Weight 2.2 kg 4.3 kg 7.5 kg 7.8 kg 7.9 kg 8.0 kg 11.0 kg 11.3 kg
Body Material Aluminum Die Casting
Rated Power AC220V, AC380V, DA24V
protection Overheat protection
Input Signal 4-20mA.DC 1-5VDC
Output Signal 4-20mA.DC
Travel Angle 0-90¡
Mounting Angle 360¡All Directions
Withstand Voltage 1500VAC/ min
Position Limiting Electric and Mechanical stop
Ambient Temperature -30°C¡«+60°C
Enclosure Protection IP67
Manual Protection Detachable crank handle
Option Function Torque limiter, space heater, stainless support coupling

Wiring Connection

Please use ¦9£­¦11 cable according to dimension of wire-in line lock so as to guarantee safety and reliability of wiring ?
1.Passing cable through line-lock, and fasten thread-end onto terminal stand
2.Tightening outer shell of wire-lock for fastening cable
3.When using line-pipe, operator should adopt waterproof
4.Operator should make sure that the electric device of this valve is higher than line pipe, in order to prevent water from inflowing electric device along line which leads to damaging of machine


* Electric position-limiting
Means that manual operation is forbidden in electric shock before regulating electric
position-limiting, operator should loosen regulation screw limited mechanically firstly, operator can¡¯t re-fix mechanical position-limiting again until the electric limiting has been regulated in order to avoid mechanically-blocking.
Loosen screw of stroke stop,and use screw-driver to knock lightly stroke stop, which could regulate angle of stroke stop and change open-close angle of electric position-limiting, it would produce ¡°crack¡± noise during operating of stroke stop to greatest degree.