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ALE Series Stroke Stop and Stroke Switch       Mechanical position-limiting

1.Rotate it to the wholly-open position with handle
2.Loosen tighten-nut and rotate regulation screw in order to touch the mechanical,then, rotate screw or semi-circle in anticlockwise direction for tightening nut.
4.Using same method, operator could regulate mechanical link-stopper at wholly-closed position.

Operation Principle for Stroke Stop and Stroke Switch

The system makes computation between input signals and position signals, then turns the motor in direction to balance them, and stops the motor when they are balanced. The motor torque is transmitted through the worm structure to the actuator shaft. Rotation direction (direct or reverse) is selectable at the setting switch. The backlash revision type potentiometer detects and feedbacks the shaft positions to the control pack. The system always controls shaft position at the correlated rates with input signals.

Installation Conditions for Stroke Stop and Stroke Switch

Cautions on indoor installation
1.Avoid a hazardous place, as this is not an explosion-proof type
2.Cover whole the unit, when installing the unit in a place with water or material splashes
3.It is recommendable to reserve a space for manual maintenance work. (Depends on installation conditions.)
Caution on outdoor installation
1.To avoid rainwater or direct sunlight, it is necessary to cover or shade whole the unit.(this concerns temperature rise in the unit, and anti-climate property of seals used.)
2.It is recommendable to reserve a space for manual maintenance work .(depends on installation conditions)
Note: the shining of sunshine outdoor would lead to high-temperature which accelerates ageing of components, even losing effectiveness; the rain would accelerate aging of rubber-pad, moreover, the product will be damaged if failing in waterproof conduction.

Temperature Conditions for Stroke Stop and Stroke Switch

*Ambient temperature
Ambient temperature range: -30°C<<+60°C Note: for use under negative temperature, space heater to prevent condensation is available.
*Fluid temperature
1.It is occasional that if the actuator is applied to a high temperature fluid line, the unit may overheat by transmission of line heat. In such a case, use radiation type bracket and couplings are available at option.
2.Standard bracket and couplings: fluid temperature max.65°C
3.Radiation type bracket and couplings: fluid temperature over 65°C

Maintenance and Inspection for Stroke Stop and Stroke Switch

The unit is lubricated with long life grease before shipment, and in principle it does not require re-lubrication after shipment.
When starting operation after a long period of rest, make the following confirmation
1.Cut power off, manually drive the unit and confirm that it moves smoothly without eccentricity.
2.Remove the body covers, and check that there is no condensation inside, and wiring is proper. After inspection is over, screw up all the covers sufficiently. Insufficient screwing may cause water ingress and troubles.

Trouble Shooting for Stroke Stop and Stroke Switch

Motor does not start up
Power failed or dropped Check and supply power
Signal failed or dropped Check and input signals
Wire broken or disconnected Change the wire or re-connect the terminal
Thermal protector functioned Lower the ambient temperature or decrease duty rate. Eliminate overload at valve
Limit switches functioned at an intermediate position Re-adjust the limit cam
Motor advancer defective Change advancer (condenser)
Motor is defective or lead wire is broken Renew an actuator
Control pack defective Change control pack
Aperture unfixable (hunting)
Noise on signal line Check input signal
Noise on potentiometer Change potentiometer
Potentiometer and opening gear loose Check the fixing screws
Aperture does not match input signal
A wrong signal input Check the input signals
Improper adjustment of ZERO/SPAN Re-adjust ZERO/SPAN
Potentiometer slipped Re-adjust the aperture on the potentiometer
Aperture signal does not output
Signal wire is broken or connection is not proper Check the wiring connection