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Butterfly buffering check valve

Model: HH47 H47XF HDH47X ;
Diameter:DN 200~1400mm
Medium: cold-water, hot-water, industrial and living sludge pipe networks
Applicable Temperature: ≤80°C
Body Materials: Casting pig
Applicable Industry: Urban Construction,Chemical,metallurgy,Oil,Pharmaceutical,Food,Beverage,Environmental protection

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Butterfly buffering check valve Characteristic use

        Model H47X, H47H, HH47H, HDH47X Butterfly Buffering Check Valves are used on the outlet of the water pump of industrial water supply and sludge treatment plant to prevent the medium inside the pipe network from going back, and remove automatically the destructive water hammer so as to ensure both pump and pipeline not to get damaged. It consists of body, disc, buffer and micro-adjusting valve. And it features by the brand new structure, small volume, small fluid resistance, reliable seal, wearable and good buffering performance. It is really the best product for industrial use of water and city sludge drainage.

Butterfly buffering check valve
Butterfly buffering check valve
Butterfly buffering check valve GAD plans
Butterfly buffering check valve structure drawing
Butterfly buffering check valve Schematic diagram of a typical installation
Butterfly buffering check valve structure drawing