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Orbital ball valve

Diameter:DN25~500 mm
Medium: Water, oil, natural gas, all kinds of soft medium and suspension, etc.
Pressure: 150Lb~600Lb
Applicable Temperature: -196°C~550°C
Body Materials: 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel cast steel, carbon steel,
Applicable Industry: Urban Construction,Chemical,metallurgy,Oil,Pharmaceutical,Food,Beverage,Environmental protection

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Orbital ball valve Characteristic use

a. Non-abrasion design for on off, which resolves the problem of mutual abrasion fully affecting sealing performance of sealing surface in the traditional valves.
b. Uploading construction, with which the valves on pipelines could be checked online and repaired directly. Thus the engine's stopping could be minimized creatively to reduce the production cost.
c. Single-seat design, which resolves those problems affecting safety caused by abnormal temperature-rise of the medium in the lumen of the valve.
d. Low tensional moment design, with which the stem with structure designed specially could open or shut down with a merely small hand-wheel valve.
e. Wedge-type sealing construction. Traditionally, the valve would be sealed through the mechanical force provided by the stem to wedge-press the ball onto the valve seat. With this design, the sealing performance of the valve would never be influenced by the fluctuation of the pressure difference in pipeline. And the performance would be maintained reliably under all the operating models.
f. Self-purging construction of sealing surface. The fluid inside the pipeline would pass through evenly by 360° room, and along the sealing face on the globe body when the body leaves the seat shiningly. This design not only resolves the problem of scouring on parts on the valve seat by high-speed fluid but also washing away the piled-up matters on the surface to realize self-purging.

Orbital ball valve
Orbital ball valve
Orbital ball valve GAD plans
Orbital ball valve structure drawing