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Self balance valve

Diameter: DN 15 ~ 350 mm
Medium: non-corrosive media such as water, oil etc.
Pressure: 1~ 1.6 MPa
Applicable Temperature: ≤100°C
Body Materials: Carbon steel etc.
Applicable Industry: heat supply, air-conditioning etc

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Self balance valve Characteristic use

        ZL47F Self balance valve consists of an automatically adjustable disc and a manually adjusted disc and uses the medium's self pressure variation as the power to automatically adjust the balance of the flow of each branch pipeline and accurately stabilize the flow, and also has the functions of opening index, locking and closing, suitable the flow control of heat supply, air-conditioning etc. non-corrosive media. Through once adjustment before running can get the system's flow automatically constant at the required set value.

Self balance valve
Self balance valve
Self balance valve GAD plans
Self balance valve structure drawing
Self balance valveSchematic diagram of a typical installation
Self balance valve Schematic diagram of a typical installation